Aerobie 13" Pro Flying Ring

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Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring 10" Diameter
Ages 7 and Up
Patented aerodynamic design for accurate, long range flight.
Easily thrown twice as far as any conventional disc product.
Throws 100-200 yards with surprising ease
Includes complete flying/tuning instructions
Aerobie Pro Aerobie Pro Flying Ring 13" Diameter
Ages 12 and Up
Patented spoiler rim balances lift, creating amazingly straight & accurate flights. Unique 2-piece construction features a soft rubber cushion for comfortable catches. Includes complete flying/tuning instructions.
Holds the Guinness World Record for the World's farthest thrown object - an incredible1,257
Aerobie Orbitor Boomerang 11.5" Diameter
Triangle design refines boomerangs.
Returns like a traditional boomerang.
Complete Instructions.
Aerobie Super Sisc Aerobie Super Disc 10" Diameter
Ages 8 and Up
Unique 2 piece construction features comfortable ribbed gripping surface for accurate throws. Soft outer rim for easy catches.
Award Winning "Best of What's New" Popular Science Magazine.
  Aerobie Super Disc Ultra $9.99
  Aerobie Sky Lighter $15.99
Aerobie Squidgie 8" Diameter
Ages 5 and Up
Compact & flexible for soft catches
Floats in Water
Soft yet durable - dogs love it, too !
Patented design for long flights.
Aerobie Dogobie Disc 8" Diameter
Exercise for You & Your Dog !
Non - Toxic
Extremely soft, flexible & durable.
And it Floats - great for play in or near the water.
Aerobie Football Aerobie Football
Perfect Spirals every time ! Ages 5 and Up
This football is so unique it is protected by 3 US Patents.
Curved Fins
accelerate spiral action Pocketed Grip fits all size hands
Unique Airfoil design increases stability and accuracy of throws
Final glide is slow & easy to catch  Designed to throw with right hand.
Aerobie Rocket Football
A smaller 15 cm long version of the Aerobie football. Easy to throw, easy to catch. For right handed throwing only. Assorted two tone colors. Recommended for kids 3 years old and up.
    GOLFERS !  
  Aerobie Epic Golf Disc $12.99
  Aerobie Arrow Golf Disc $12.99

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