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ALL the Soundwinds windsocks are handmade in the USA !

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Mobiles & Novelty Spinners
Single Twisted SpiralIndoors or out. 

Seasonal Windsocks
Witch Wind Sock

New Item
Fall / Halloween

Santa Windsock

New Item
Christmas / Winter

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 Wheels include  pole &  ground  stake.
 Indoor Mini's include desk  stand.


Other Sox Favorites

hypno twist helix orbitorHypno Twist

Spinnie BasketsSpinnies Baskets

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Dolphin, Goldfish,Clownfish
USA Stars

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College Teams
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M L Basebal,
50% off Basketball, Football, Hockey 50% off
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50% off

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Wind Sock Care "How To"

New Butterfly Convention ColorButterfly Convention

New ItemColors

New Item Video

Clownfish Windsock
Clown Fish
New Colors

Damsel Fly Sock
Damsel Fly

dragonfly windsock
Dragon Fly

New Item

Soundswinds Fusilli Wind sock
 Now in 2 sizes

Goddess Earring WindsockGoddess Earring
2 Sizes
New Item  Colors

Gyro Sox 3 Sizes

Soundwinds Jellyfish Windsock Jelly Fish
New Item  Colors




Kiri Kard

New 2012 Ojo Wind sock Ojo de Dios

Phoenix Windsock

Soundwinds Orca WindsocksOrca

Rainbow Windsox 

Rotini Windsock
Rotini 2 Sizes

Spinning Star
Spinning Star

Swallow Swallow

USA Stars

SW Winged Dragon
Winged Dragon