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SALE Save 15% on select sail styles/colors below

Made in the USA, Sound Winds Lawn Sails are the most beautiful and durable lawnsails available.  Constructed of durable flag cloth with UV protection for extended wear & color.  Use in your yard or on your house or bike with new brackets or pole.
Or, select a telescopic fiberglass pole with banner clip.
MINI Lawnsails
Great for Bike Flags or Houses !
w/bike, sm house or bamboo pole
Regular Size Sails
Up to 7' Tall

w/ 2 pc Bamboo pole
Large Size Sails
8' + Tall
w/ 3 pc Bamboo pole.
Mini Falcon House Bike Sail Mini Falcon New Attacus Lawn Sail Attacus Stella LawnsailStella
Mini Spiral lawn sail Mini Spiral Mini Spiral lawn sailSpiral Dance  Circus  Banner
Mini Fan House or Bike Sail Mini Fan Cascade Lawn SailCascade Banner Large Fandance Lawn Sail
Fanion bike Flag Mini Fanion Bike Sail Coming Soon Chinook NEW Hummingbird Lawn SailHummingbird Banner
Mini Rainbow Banner Yule Fandance

Reg Fandance Lawn Sail
USA Reg Fandance



Koshare SALE
Mini RickRack house bike sailMini RickRack
Feathered Sail Color FFeathered Sail Solstice Banner SALE
usa parade bannerUSA Parade Banner
Rainbow Lawn SailClassic Lawnsails NEW Blue Moon Banner by SoundwindsBlue Moon Banner
Mini Phoebus bike house sail Mini Phoebus Bike Sail Coming Soon olympic banner lawnsailOlympic Banner
Bike Safety Flag Coming Soon Paradisea  

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