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Mini Falcon House Yard Sail Color A

Color A

MINI Falcon Lawn Sail

This new mini sail is a beauty with intricate color details.
Fly it off your house with the New 42" house pole, or use it on your bike with
the New 2 pc 6' bike pole.

22" W x 3' H
Fully hemmed 200 denier, UV inhibited, #66 Bright Dupont Nylon

Color Check Box Description 22" W x 3' H
Don't forget to select your pole !
Mini Falcon Yard Sail A

SW Mini Falcon Lawnsail Color A - NO POLE


Mini Falcon Sail B

SW Mini Falcon Lawnsail Color B - NO POLE

Mini Falcon house Sail Color D SW Mini Falcon Lawnsail Color D - NO POLE $24.99
Mini Falcon bike sail color F SW Mini Falcon Lawnsail Color F - NO POLE $24.99
  ADD: 5' - 2 pc Fiberglass Bicycle Pole  w/bicycle Bracket $9.99
  ADD: 42" - 1 pc Fiberglass House Pole w/45degree Bracket $7.99

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