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Carbon Graphite Kite Replacement Spars to fix your kiteSingle Line, Sport or Stunt Kites all consist of a sail, spars and fittings.
Most are interchangeable by size.
New Kite Item Try our Kite Tool Repair Kit
The spars are sized by outside diameter (i.e. 1/4",  6mm or .2300) and are constructed of wood, solid fiberglass, or hollow carbon graphite.
You should replace spars with the same type and size spar as the original part .
All fittings (parts), are sized according to the spar diameter size.

The main advantage of using carbon graphite spars for your kite or project,
(vs. fiberglass),  is because
Carbon spars are stronger but weigh less.
Single line kites usually have wood, solid fiberglass, or hollow carbon spars depending on the size & quality of the kite.
Sport kites, RC planes & boats usually use solid fiberglass or carbon graphite tubes.

Please refer to the diagram to locate the parts you need.

For A Quick Fix -
or if you are unsure what size you need, you can get wooden dowel rods at any hardware store.
Even on the beach, you can usually still fly your sport kite with a wooden dowel until you can get the correct spar. It will not be as responsive because it will be heavier, but it will fly.

How to Cut Spars -
To cut spars, You can use a Dremel motor with an abrasive cutting wheel
for the cleanest cut possible. Or, a fine tooth hacksaw can also be used.
Be sure the tube is held securely in place, and use a gentle touch so as not to crush. You can also tape around the area to be cut to prevent splintering or separation of fibers.

Fix Stunt Sport Kite Parts Diagram
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Kite Tool Repair Kit

New Kite Item Kite Tool Repair Kit
Includes ripstop tape, black tape, quick dry glue, 6 swivel clips, field hack saw, field scissors, zip ties, bungee cord w/ nylon carry bag
Fiberglass Repair Replacement Spars
Solid Fiberglass Spar 2mm x 48"
= 5/64" =.080  (usually stand-off)
Solid Fiberglass Spar 2mm x 24"
= 5/64" =.080  (usually stand-off spar)
Solid Fiberglass Spar 3.1mm x 48"
= 1/8" =.125
Solid Fiberglass Spar 4mm x 48"
= 5/32" =.156
Solid Fiberglass Spar 3/16" = .187 x 48" $3.99
Solid Fiberglass Spar 6mm x 48" = 15/64" = .2300 $3.99
Carbon Graphite Repair Replacement Spars
Carbon Graphite Spar 3.1mm x 48"
(.125) (also used as stand-off for larger kites)
Carbon Graphite Spar 3.1mm x 43"
(.125) x 43" (also beetle edge)
Carbon Graphite Spar 3.1mm
(.125) x 41" (also beetle spreader)
Carbon Graphite Spar 3.1mm
(.125) x 26" (also beetle spine)
Carbon Graphite Spar 4mm
(.156) x 48"
Carbon Graphite Spar 5mm
(.196) x 48"
Avia Sport Spar .2100 x 20 1/2" $5.99
Carbon Graphite Spar 6mm
(.2300) x 48"
Carbon Graphite Spar 8mm
(.315) x 48"
Larger Sizes Available as Special Order

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