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How To Care for your Lawn Sails
Your Lawn Sails will add a splash of color where ever they live, and can be changed with the Seasons or the Holidays.

Proper care will help to extend its life, and provide more enjoyment  for you and your family.
Lawn Sails are made from a variety of fabrics, including polyester, rip-stop nylon, Solar Max, and flag cloth.
A superior fabric will produce a superior quality of sal.
All of our Soundwinds Lawnsails are constructed of flag cloth quality materials.

** Location
Please place your sail in an area that is convenient, with easy access  and free of obstacles.
Fasten your sail to the pole provided with the strings attached on the lower end of the sleeve.
If mounted to a house or deck, we recommend a bracket with a 45 degree angle
Always take care that it is not rubbing on the house, roof, trees, shrubs, or other abrasive surfaces.

** Avoid Direct Sunlight
Remember that both direct and reflected sun can damage your banner, sail or flag over an extended period of time.
Be prepared to invest in a new lawn sail every year if left in an intensely sunny location or extreme wind / weather conditions.
For extended enjoyment, display your sail in a partially shady location,  or move it in & out of the direct sunlight.

** Rain
Unless acidic, rain should not harm your lawn sails.
If you live near salt water, or in a dusty location, you may occasionally rinse your sail out in cool clear water, or use a very gentle soap.

** Wind
Extreme wind conditions can also affect the lifespan of your lawnsail.
Hemmed edges are best for most normal wind conditions.
The Sail & pole should be moved to a safe location during any extreme wind or storm conditions.

Please Print this Page for future reference.

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