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Below are the most common knots used to attach flying line to your kite bridle, an O ring or swivel with a larks head knot.
How to attach line to a swivel with a clinch knot.
Also how to sleeve sport stunt kite flying line & attach it to your straps.
And how to repair broken line with a fisherman's knot.

You can attach your line to a swivel, "O" ring, or connecting knot on your bridle with a larks head knot

Larks Head Knot O ring connection.                                 Larks Head Knot Bridle connection.
                                    Larks Head attached to bridle lineSlide Larks head over bridle line

How to attach stunt kite flying line to straps



How to tie a clinch knotClinch Knot
You can use a Larks head or a clinch knot (above) to attach your flying line to a swivel. The clinch knot requires 5 wraps of line for a secure connection.

.New Line Sleeving
how to install sleeving to your flying lineTo Attach new sleeving to your kite flying line -
1. thread the flying line into the sleeve provided in your sleeve kit.
2. Tie a knot at the end to hold the sleeving
in place.
3. Fold over an equal length of sleeved line
and tie a knot.         

Broken lines can be repaired, however be aware that fixed lines are
reduced in strength by about 50% so be cautious when flying in strong
winds. To join a broken line do so by using a fisherman's knot.
Fiserman's Knot
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