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Kitegirl Magazine

Kite Surf Channel

American KiteFlyers Association
AKA Calender of Kite Festivals
More Sport Kites
 "Reef Relief" Key West Conservation, Photos

Windfinder & Windfinder Pro
For Mobile & Desktop - Apps,Widgets,Gadgets, more

 Wind Alert
Check out the Wind in the Panhandle (32328), or
your own location !

Other Links
Google Android & Windows Mobile
          Pocket Kite - Pocket kite is a unique arcade style kite
          simulator. Hone your kite flying skills to prepare for 
          several entertaining kite games. $.99
          Kamigo: Theatre of skies Lite free
          Kamigo: Theatre of skies $.99
          Rhythmic Spark makes awesome applications for a 
          variety of mobile devices including: iPhone, iPod, iPad,
          Google Android and Windows Mobile.
          Kite Surf Instructor Apps show detailed text and video
          instructions that teach you how to perform a wide array 
          of kite boarding tricks. Everything from foundational 
          maneuvers such as backrolls & front rolls including
          the latest 'new school' tricks.
          Kite Surf Instructor - Beginner $2.99
          Water Starts, Sliding Transitions, Load and Pop,
          Boosted Jumps, Jumps with Grabs, Riding Toeside,
          5 different Heelside to Toeside Transitions,
          Jumping/Aerial Transitions, General Kitesurf Tips,
          and much more!
          Kitesurf Instructor: Intermediate $2.99
          Backrolls, Backrolls w/ Grab, Backroll Inverts, 
          Frontrolls, Frontrolls w/ Grab, Frontroll Inverts, 
          Downloop Transitions, Double Backrolls, Double 
          Frontrolls, One Foot Board-Offs, Board-Offs, 
          Riding Blind, and much more.
         SessionLog: Kitesurf, Snowkite, Kiteboard $.99
          Log your kitesurf sessions (wind, location, kite size,
          hours, etc.), post session data to Facebook, set
          goals for learning new tricks, view reports and more!
          How many times did you kite last year? 
          Which of your kites do you use the most? 
          How many hours did you fly a particular kite? 
          Which tricks should you work on now? 
          With this app you can:
          - Log your kitesurfing and snowkite sessions.
          - View how many times you kited in the last month, 
            quarter and year.
          - View how many hours you've kited.
          - Upload your session info and photos to Facebook.
          - Set riding frequency goals.
          - Set trick goals.
          - View a list of over 50 tricks to learn and log when
            you learn them.
          - View reports showing which of your kites you fly most.
          - View kitesurfing tips and more!
Kiteboarding Florida free - provides all the information you could need while Kiting in the Sunshine State.
Kite Surf free & Kiteboard $1.99
The Ultimate Kiteboarding Simulator
Do you want to learn how to kiteboard?
Are you already an advanced kiteboarder?
Are you a windsurfer that hasn't made the
switch yet?
Learn kitesurfing, all the way from the
basics to advanced maneuvers.

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