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tramontana competition stunt kite


Wind: 4 - 24 mph
Size: 93" W x 47" H (7.7')
Sail: Icarex
Frame: 6mm Carbon Graphite
Skill: Intermediate - Pro
Recommended Line 100# - 200#


New Kite Item
HQ Tramontana

The Tramontana is a sport kite of its own & one of the milestones & highlights in the history of stunt kites. Originally a design leader in 1995, it continues to be a favorite.
This is a large full-size kite impressing with its calm and elegant flight and tracing its majestic path at the sky. It's flight is extremely stable and is able to carry out many modern tricks, in particular the floating elements of kite flying, with excellence.
Constant speed & pull over a wide range of wind are typical flight properties.
Includes kite bag.

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  HQ Tramontana Red No Line $219.99
Sport Kite Flying Line ADD 100# x 82' dyneema w/straps $19.99
ADD 150# x 82' dyneema w/straps $25.99
ADD 200# x 100' dyneema w/straps $34.99

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