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Symphony Speed 2.0M

Beginner - Exper
Wind: 4-31 mph
79" W x 23" H
Colors: Rainbow, Citrus
Ages: 14+
220# x 100' Dyneema w/ straps, kite bag,

Symphony Speed 2.5M

Intermediate - Experienced
Wind: 4 -31 mph
98" W x 26" H
Nylon Sail
Colors: Rainbow, Lava
Ages: 16+  NOT A TOY !
320# x 100' Dyneema w/padded straps, kite bag,

Symphony Speed 3.2M

Experienced Only
Wind: 4 -24 mph
126" W x 32" H
Nylon Sail
Colors: Rainbow, Aqua
Ages: 16+ NOT A TOY !
 385# x 80' Dyneema w/ padded straps, kite bag,


HQ Symphony Speed 2.0, 2.5 & 3.2 M Sport Kites Complete & Ready to Fly ! (RTF)
The proven and established professional line!

The speed bolide in the Symphony Spped range is a sporty challenger.
Fast and powerful. If you want to overtake this kite, you really have to have the goods.

 This frameless foil design feels solid in the air and doesn’t fold on the edge of the wind.
Sewn Dyneema bridles provide low-drag and strength for performance that is fast, stable and smooth.
The larger sizes have impressive pull, so be prepared to lean back and hold on.

The 2.5 or 3.2
would be the choice for Intermediate or Adult Flyers capable of handling a stronger pulling kite.

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HQ Symphony Speed Kite 2.0M

HQ Symphony Speed 2.0M Rainbow Complete $169.99
HQ Symphony Speed 2.5M Kite HQ Symphony Speed 2.5M Rainbow Complete $209.99
HQ Symphony Speed Kite HQ Symphony Speed 3.2M Rainbow Complete $249.99

HQ 20 inch control bar

  HQ 20" Control Bar $29.99

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