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Nylon Kite Tails 6' - 5 streamer Rainbow Nylon tail -  2" W x 6' L $2.99
15' - 5 streamer Rainbow Nylon tail -  2" W x 15' L $4.99
20' Nylon rainbow tube tail 20' Rainbow Nylon Tube Tail $12.99
Twister Tube Tail 20' Rainbow Nylon Twister Tube Tail $17.99
45' Sky Writer Ribbon Tail 45' Sky Writer Nylon Tail RED $14.99
45' Sky Writer Nylon Tail BLUE $14.99
45' Sky Writer Nylon Tail YELLOW $14.99

Connect one behind a stunter and leave a trail in the sky! 
Great for big kites, sport kites or "skywriting" with long poles.
Each "ribbon" is 45' L x 2" W, nylon sailcloth, fully hemmed w/ a reinforced eyelet & clip.

Wrist Straps Pair $3.99
Foam Padded Wrist Straps Pair $9.99
Foam Grips w/Winder $12.99



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