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                                                                                                       4'  Recon Sport Kite Sorry, Discontinued

As a standard entry level sport kite, the Recon delivers margins and performance.
The Recon provides thrill seekers with an affordable introduction to the action and excitement of sport kiting.
An excellent kite that includes line on handles, nylon bag & a tail.
Skill: Beg - Intermed
Wind: 4 -20 mph
Size: 49" x 22"
Fiberglass Frame
BUY Includes: Kite, handles w/line, nylon bag & tail Price
Recon Sport Kite HOT Colors   Recon Sport Kite HOT Complete   $29.99
Recon Sport Kite Cool Colors   Recon Sport Kite COOL Complete $29.99
  Recon Sport Kite TIE DYE Complete  NEW Color $29.99





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