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                                                                    HQ Multi Kite Flies as Single and Dual Line

Can't decide ? Not sure you want to invest in a sport kite ? The frameless Multi-Kite combines all the good things about kiting.
The effortless & relaxing side of single line kite flying and the sporty side of stunt kite flying.
With this kite, both becomes so easy that we recommend the Multi-Kite for kids ages 10+.
Flown as a single line kite, it develops light but noticeable pull. The long tube tail helps to stabilize its flying characteristics.
Ready to play ? Simply unclip line from ring on spool, attach flying straps and the Multi-Kite becomes a stunt kite.
Perfect for beginners, the kite flies slowly which helps the first time flyer to perform loops, turns and dives with ease.
The attached tube tail provides a colorful trail that follows the kites every move.
Even the tail has clips so that it converts from long to short for those low wind days !

Skill: Beginner - Intermediate
Wind: Dual Line Mode: 9-30 mph
Single Line Mode: 7-24 mph
Size: 34" W x 40' L w/tail
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
BUY  Includes: Kite, winder w/lines, fabric storage bag
Line: Dual:Poly 2 x 44 lb x 65' on winder w/ straps
 + Single Poly 90 lb x 200 ft. on spool
HQ Multi Kite Stunt Multi Kite - Complete w/line sets for single & dual fight $49.99
Multi Kite Dual LinesetUnclip line from ring on spool & attach to straps to fly as dual line.
Even includes a separate winder for dual lines if you want to keep them separate.
Multi Kite Single line haloTo Fly as single line attach both linesets to kite & unroll spool.
The line goes down to 1 line on spool at the ring.



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