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Stunt Sport Kite Parts Diagram You can easily fix your broken kite.
Please refer to the diagram to locate the parts you need.
All fittings are sized according to the outside diameter of the spar size.
spars, stand-off spars, etc.
New Kite Item Try our Kite Tool Repair Kit
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Center T-Connector 5mm


Center T-Connector 6mm



5 mm External Ferrule


6 mm External Ferrule


Sport Kite repair leading edge connector Leading Edge Connector .080 2mm Each $0.99
Leading Edge Connector .125 3.1mm Each (beetle, etc) $0.99
Leading Edge Connector .156 3.5mm Each $0.99
Leading Edge Connector 4mm .196 Each $0.99
Leading Edge Connector 5mm .2100/.2200 Each $0.99
Leading Edge Connector 6mm .2300/.2400 Each $0.99
Leading Edge Connector 8mm Each $1.99
Split nock 4mm Each $0.99
Split nock 5mm Each $0.99
Split nock 6mm Each $0.99
End Cap 2mm Each $0.79
End Cap 4mm Each $0.79
End Cap 5mm Each $0.79
End Cap .2100 Each $0.79
End Cap 6mm Each $0.79
End Cap 8mm Each $1.29
Spreader Stand-Off Connector 3.1mm .122 Each (beetle,etc) $0.99
Spreader Stand-Off Connector 3.5mm Each $0.99
Spreader Stand-Off Connector .180-188 Each $0.99
Spreader Stand-Off Connector 5mm Each $0.99
Spreader Stand-Off Connector 5.5mm Each $0.99
Spreader Stand-Off Connector 6 mm Each $0.99
Spreader Stand-Off Connector .2500 Each $0.99
Spreader Stand-Off Connector 8mm .312 Each $1.49
Stand-Off Sail Clip 2 mm Each $0.79
Stand-Off Sail Clip 3 mm Each $0.79
Stand-Off Sail Clip Flat 2 mm Each $0.79
Stand-Off Sail Clip Flat 3 mm Each $0.79
Stopper Clip 3 mm Each $0.49
Stopper Clip 4 mm Each $0.49
Stopper Clip 5 mm Each (.196 - .220) $0.49
Stopper Clip 6 mm Each $0.49
Stopper Clip 8 mm Each $0.79
Rubber "O" Ring 6/4 Each (small) $0.49
Rubber "O" Ring 10/4 Each (large) $0.49
Beetle MINI Parts Kit Beetle Spare Parts Kit Includes all parts shown in picture
The Beetle Spare Part Kit is a 52 piece set that includes: 1 molded kite nose, 2 nose tensioners, 2 bungees, 6 sail-side stand-offs, 2 upper-side bridles, 2 lower bridles, 2 leading edge connectors, 6 3.1mm stoppers, 6 3mm pipe-cut stoppers, 6 nocks, 2 spar-side stand-offs & 15 5mm end caps. Sorry, Out of stock



Alpha + Parts kit
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Alpha + Spare Parts Kit
This kit includes the following parts for the Alpha+: 2 molded nose pieces, 2 30 cm long pieces of black line, 2 leading edge connectors, 1 upper-side bridle line, 4 6mm nocks, 15 7mm soft end caps, 2 6mm spar-side stand-off connectors, 8 2.5mm sail-side stand-off connectors, 1 6.1mm aluminum ferrule, 1 O-ring for upper spreader, 8 6mm stoppers, 4 3.5mm end plugs.

Kite Tool Repair Kit

New Kite Item Kite Tool Repair Kit
Includes ripstop tape, black tape, quick dry glue, 6 swivel clips, field hack saw, field scissors, zip ties, bungee cord w/ nylon carry bag

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