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                                                                                     7+' Dream On Sport Kite by Dodd Gross

This is what "older" kite fliers call a "team kite". Big, slow, and predictable it is a great low wind kite.  As one of the most beautiful sport kites ever to fly in the sky, it is also one of the most pleasurable. If you are a smooth flier and you want to just fly a beautiful and predictable sport kite, this is for you. But wait, with a simple and quick bridle adjustment, the Dream On is capable of more advanced tricks. One of the most versatile sport kites available today and proven to be one of the most popular sport kites ever ! Framed in a durable and high tech Carbon Frame and includes Ready to Fly Dyneema Fly lines on winder with fly straps.
Complete w/winder & line, case.

Dream On Assembly VIDEO

Skill: Intermediate - Expert
Wind: 3 - 20 mph
Size: 87" W x 35.5" H
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
6mm Carbon Frame
BUY  Includes: Kite, winder w/line, fabric storage bag Price
Sky Dog Dream On Sport Kite Dream On Kite - Complete w/150# x 82' Dyneema $127.99



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