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All kites have passed our rigorous "kid on the beach test" (smile), and are guaranteed to fly !
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Beginner kites are " Ready to Fly " complete with Flying Line .
Please Check Back Often New kites will be arriving all month long.

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Accessories Index

4' Ladybug Easy Fly KiteEZ Flyers


Fun Flyer Diamonds 2' Diamonds

Mini Kites



4.5' Deltas
6' Delta
7' Delta
9' Delta

Joel Schulz Triangulation Delta KiteNew Items
Triangulation by Joel Schulz


Larger Sizes Coming Soon !

Conyne Box Delta Kite RB
Box Deltas

6' Conyne Delta
8' Conyne Delta


Rainbow Click to enlarge

6' Double French Military

10' Double Delta Conyne



HQ Multi Kite
Flies as Dual and Single Line

Parafoil 2
Parafoil 5
Parafoil 7.5

Flow Form Kitesnew item
Flow Forms

Flow Form 2, 4, 7 & 10

KAP 50 new item
KAP Foils
Kite Arial Photography
KAP Foil 5, 8 &12

Flipping Flapper Kites
Crazy Flappers


Dolphin KiteNew Kite Item
4' & 7' Dolphins



Shark Kite

4' to 7' Sharks

Tropical Macaw Bird

new item Octopus

Chinese Serpentine Dragons

Custom & Logo Kites
HUGE Sky Art & Collectables  Can be Flown or For Display !




12'  Octopus

HUGE Sky Art For Line Laundry for your Huge Kites !

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