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Octopus Inflatable Soft  Kite

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12' Octopus Single Line Soft Inflatable Kites

With no sticks, the Octopus is not only an eye catcher, but easy to pack, and they fly great.
They have special details like three-dimensional inflated eyes that stand out from the face of the kite.
 And the cupped suckers on the tentacles generate improved drag and stability.
Connection loops make it easy to attach a lifter kite.

Wind: 6 - 20mph
Recommended Line: 100# +
  Buy Available in blue, red, and purple.
12' L x 2' W Ripstop Nylon w/Fabric Bag
Octopus Inflatable Soft  Kite 12' Octopus Kite Blue No Line $89.99
Octopus Kite 12' Octopus Kite Purple No Line $89.99
12' Octopus Single Line Kite 12' Octopus Kite Red No Line $89.99

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