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                                                                   New Kite Item HQ Multi Kite Flies as Single and Dual Line

Can't decide between a single or dual line kite ? The frameless Multi-Kite combines all the good things about kiting.
The effortless & relaxing side of single line kite flying and the sporty side of stunt kite flying.
With this kite, both becomes so easy that we recommend the Multi-Kite for kids ages 10+.
Flown as a single line kite, it develops light but noticeable pull. The long tube tail helps to stabilize its flying characteristics.

For stunts simply unclip the line from the ring on the spool, attach flying straps and the Multi-Kite becomes a stunt kite.
Perfect for beginners, this kite flies slowly which helps the first time flyer to perform loops, turns and dives with ease.
The attached tube tail provides a colorful trail that follows the kites every move.
Even the tail has clips so that it converts from long to short for those low wind days !

Skill: Beginner - Intermediate
Wind: Single Line Mode: 7-24 mph
Dual Line Mode: 9-30 mph
Size: 34" W x 40' L w/tail
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
BUY  Includes: Kite, winder w/lines, fabric storage bag
Line: Single Poly 90 lb x 200 ft. on spool
Dual:  Poly 2 x 44 lb x 65' on winder w/ straps
HQ Multi Kite Stunt Multi Kite - Complete w/line sets for single & dual fight $49.99
Multi Kite Single line haloTo Fly as single line attach both ends of the line to the kite & unroll the spool.
The line goes down to 1 line on the spool at the ring.
Multi Kite Dual LinesetFor dual line flying, unclip the line from the ring on the spool & attach to straps.
Even includes a separate winder for dual lines if you want to keep them separate.

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