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These mini's are perfect for kids, they fly great alone or with another kite, complete with handle & line. Ripstop Nylon with fiberglass frames. Wind Range: 5 - 15 mph.
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Mini Kites  Mini Diamond - Asst Tri-Color 10x10 $3.99
Mini Delta - Asst Tri-Color 20x10 $4.99

Mini Diamond Kites

Coming Soon !
12" mini diamonds in 7 solid colors.
Easy to decorate with a permanent marker, or custom screen printed image or logo in 1,000 quantity minimum.


  Mini 12" Diamond $5.49
18' Arch Train Mini Diamond "Arch Train" - Rainbow Only 1 + left...
18 pc - 18" asst solid color diamonds
Includes tails, tether lines & swivels assembled.

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