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Size: 8' W x 42" H
Wind Range: 5 - 20 mph
Ripstop w/Fiberglass Spars
Includes Fabric Bag
Rec. Line 75- 100#
Heavier line required for lifting.

new item  6' and 8' Delta Conyne Box Kite

Enjoy the best features of both a box kite and a delta!
This is a high flying lifter that soars on the lightest breezes.
Fly one, or they are specially designed so you can connect several together
in a "kite train".
Just pass the flying line through the open center and tie it to the kite's bridle point.
Easy assembly. Attach a colorful tail to each tip just for fun!

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new item 6' Conyne Box Delta Rainbow  (6' W x 32" H) complete w/ handle, line & case.
Ripstop w/Fiberglass Spars


Box Delta Click to Enlarge 8' Box Delta Warm Kite Only (8' W x 42" H) $44.99
8' Box Delta Warm Kite w/ 80# x 300' Halo $54.99
8' Box Delta Cool Kite Only $44.99
8' Box Delta Cool Kite w/ 80# x 300' Halo $54.99
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