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Flying Line, Line Sets, Stack Lines, Bridles
Rev Quad Line Handles

REV Quad Handles Pair (L to R)

REV Quad Handles - Rev II $29.99
Graphite Spars

Advantage Graphite Spars
Ferrules & Fittings
Spar End Caps

Blast Vertical 24" $9.99
Blast Vertical 28.5" $9.99
Shockwave Leading Edge, Outer Shaft 32" $15.99
Shockwave Center Shaft 32" w/ferrule $16.99
1.5 SLE Center Shaft 31" w/ferrule $16.99
1.5 SUL Regular Shaft 31" (pre 1998 models) $9.99
Rev 1 SUL Regular Shaft 36" $9.99
Rev II Standard Leading Edge 37" w/ferrule $9.99
Rev II Standard Vertical 24" $8.99
Rev II SUL Leading Edge 37" $9.99
  Rev II SUL Leading Edge 37" w/ferrule $9.99

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