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Warning: Safe Use is YOUR Responsibility !! Traction or Power Kites need varying degrees of strength to fly,
and most are suitable only for experienced Adult Kite Pilots.

Please Check Back New Kites Arriving Daily !


HQ Accessories

Sky Dog Dodd Gross

Flexifoil Kite Ski Surf

Mojo red Mojo

HQ Alpha 25Alpha
1.5, 2.5 & 3.5
Traction Trainer

hq beamer 3.0Beemer V 4 line Traction


HQ Rush 200

New Kite ItemRush 4 PRO (3-line)
Watch the VIDEO

HQ Scout 3MNew Kite ItemScout III 3 line Trainer

Sky Dog Quad Traction Foils
SDT 2.8 M
SDT 4.0 M
SDT 5.5 M


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