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HQ Scout III Trainer Traction Foils 3M, 4M & 5M Sizes

The newly designed Scout 3 delivers a high quality but affordable package for entry into the world of traction kiting.
The flying characteristics of the Scout 3 are focused to the needs of kite schools and pilots seeking a quick, successful experience
with a kite on a bar.
Performance and turning speed are significantly improved.
The Scout 3 guarantees you always will be safe out on your board or skis.
This kite provides loads of easy handling fun for beginners and advanced pilots alike.

Features include adjustable turning speed and power, 3rd line safety, improved upwind performance, and excellent light wind characteristics.
Pilots can always rely on impressing stability for snow and land use.

HQ Scout Complete Includes These Accessories

ALL Include :
3x 485# x 65' Dyneema Color line set on winder
20" Safety Control Bar w/ Safety leash
Ground Stake
Instruction Manual
Backpack Carry Case

HQ Scout 3M HQ Scout III Yellow 3.0 M Complete
Size: 10.8' W x 3.6' H Flat
16 Cells
Wind: 6-38 mph
HQ Scout 4 M Red HQ Scout III Red 4.0 M Complete
Size: 12.5' W x 4.2' H Flat
16 Cells
Wind: 4-30 mph
HQ Scout III Blue 5.0 M Complete
Size: 13.9' W x 4.6' H Flat
16 Cells
Wind: 4-27 mph

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Warning: Safe Use is YOUR Responsibility !! Traction or Power Kites need varying degrees of strength to fly, and most are suitable only for experienced
Adult Kite Pilots.

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