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Ready to fly
ALL Include: Instruction Manual

HQ Quad handlesQuad Handles

Color Quad LinesetDyneema Line:
(2) 485# / (2) 220# x 65'

HQ ground stakeGround Stake

kite killer 3rd lineKite Killer

HQ Beamer Ruck Sack Carry BagCarry Bag


HQ BEAMER V Traction Quad Kite

The legendary Beamer, now in its 5th generation, is again raising the standard
for quad-line handle performance.
The four line control of quad handle kites gives maximum control making them perfect
for fast and well controlled maneuvers.
With handles - front and backlines can be operated with each hand.

 It has never been easier to experience power and speed with this much stability.
Whether in a buggy, or just fun flying, the superior control of the handles makes for the
ultimate kiting experience.

The Beamer never gets obsolete as performance increases with the pilots ability to
actively use the brakes to generate extra power.
High quality materials and superior workmanship come standard.
completely re-designed shape for increased performance
dirt-out system at the wingtips
amazingly stable, especially in gusty conditions
brake-line input offers extra power
comprehensive, top-quality accessories

All are R2F (Ready to fly) Includes:
Quad Handles, Quad Lineset (4x 485/220 x 65ft), Ruck Sack & ground stake.
Beamer 2.0 HQ Beamer V 2.0 Kite Complete R2F
Wind: 6 - 38 mph
Skill: Beg - Exp
2.0 sq m = 8.8 ft Wide
hq beamer 3.0 HQ Beamer V 3.0 Kite Complete R2F
Wind: 4 - 31 mph
Skill: Beg - Exp
3.0 sq m = 10.8 ft Wide
hq beamer 4.0 HQ Beamer V 4.0 Kite Complete R2F
Wind: 4 - 27 mph
Skill: Beg - Exp
4.0 sq m = 12.5 ft Wide
hq beamer 5.0


HQ Beamer V 5.0 Kite Complete R2F
Wind: 4 - 24 mph
Skill: Beg - Exp
5.0 sq m = 13.9 ft' Wide

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Warning: Safe Use is YOUR Responsibility !! Traction or Power Kites need varying degrees of strength to fly, and most are suitable only for experienced Adult Kite Pilots.


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