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ALPHA Beginner Quad Power Kite Complete & RTF

The Alpha was developed to meet the demands of entry-level power kiting.
It is a rugged & user-friendly foil available in 3 sizes to cover a wide range of winds.
A stable flyer with serious power in stronger winds make this a great traction trainer kite.
Buggy on the beach or in the flats.

ALL Include: Instruction Manual

HQ Quad handlesQuad Handles

Color Quad LinesetColor Dyneema Line:
(2) 485# / (2) 220# x 65'

HQ ground stakeGround Stake

kite killer 3rd lineKite Killer

Alph Shoulder bagShoulder Bag


Quad Handles
Color Dyneema Line: (2) 485# / (2) 220# x 65'
Ground Stake, Kite Killer, Instruction Manual, Shoulder Bag
  Buy Description Price
HQ Alpha 15 HQ Alpha 1.5 M Complete
Wind: 6-30 mph
HQ Alpha 25 HQ Alpha 2.5 M Complete
Wind: 6-31 mph
HQ Alpha 35 quad  kite HQ Alpha 3.5 M Complete
Wind: 6-27 mph

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