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Please note the diameter of your pole !


Star Bracket #2 Star Holder 3/4" size Stamped galvanized steel holder used in most home flag kits for 3/4" pole. $1.99
#2 Star Holder 3/4" size - 12 or more $1.49
E Bracket #3 E Bracket 1" size Heavy cast aluminum bracket fits 1" pole $7.99
#3 "E" Bracket 1" size - 12 or more $6.99
Dual Mounting Bracket #4 Dual Mounting Bracket 1" size
cast aluminum 1" bracket w/ cleat & locking screw. Can be mounted with either screws or metal straps.
#4 Dual Mounting Bracket 1" size - 12 or more $7.99
Aluminum Adjustable Flag Bracket #5 Adjustable Bracket 1" size Aluminum
1" Cast aluminum brackets adjustable to 5 positions from completely vertical to horizontal. Aluminum or White.
#5 Adjustable Bracket 1" size Aluminum - 12 or more $16.99
White Aluminum Adjustable Flag Bracket #5 Adjustable Bracket 1" size White $19.99
#5 Adjustable Bracket 1" size White - 12 or more $17.99
White Economy Adjustable Bracket 1" size $12.99
Dual Angle Flag Bracket #6 Dual Angle Bracket 1" size
Allows mounting pole in horizontal position or at 45 degree angle without moving bracket.
#6 Dual Angle Bracket 1" size - 12 or more $11.99
Nylon Flag Clip #7 Nylon Snap Hook $0.89
#7 Nylon Snap Hook - 12 or more $0.79
Brass Snap Swivel Flag Clip #8 Brass Swivel Snap $3.99
#8 Brass Swivel Snap - 12 or more $3.79
Neverfurl 3/4" kit $11.99 "Neverfurl" Flag Pole Kit
Prevent your flag from wrapping around any flag pole.
Kit comes complete with instructions and everything for easy installation. (kit = 2 pc set)
1" kit
1-1/2"  $18.49
2" kit $18.99
Multi Bracket Pole Holder Multi Bracket Available in Black or White
Fly your flag at a variety of angles from horizontal to vertical. Attach it to a variety of items, including pop up canopies or tents, apartment balconies, decks, boats just about anywhere you would ever want to fly a flag!
Holds flagpoles up to 1 3/8" diameter
Flag Pole Ground Mount Ground Mount - Display your flag on the lawn or at the beach. Just push the end into the ground and turn clockwise until base plate is flush with the ground. To remove, just rotate counterclockwise.
Heavy duty design, but lightweight enough to take from location
to location.  Holds poles up to 1.5" diameter
Tire Mount Flag Stand Tail Gater's Tire Mount Flag Stand
Vehicle Tire Mount. 14" long base - Holds Poles up to 1.5" diameter.
Unscrews & collapses to 2" for storage.
Hitch Mount    Hitch Mount Holds up to 2" diameter poles. $54.99



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