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Great for Windsocks, Flags or Banners
Swivel Socket Pole
Lt Weight  Swivel Socket Windsock Pole
5' x 1/4" Fiberglass wind sock poles w/bracket (3 piece)
w/ swivel tip

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Bicycle Flag Bracket

2 pc - 5' Fiberglass Bike Pole w/Bike Bracket
1 pc - 42" Fiberglass House Banner Pole w/House Bracket

Fiberglass telescopic Poles

Portable Fiberglass telescopic poles
NOW with swivel tips


Aluminum Telescopic Pole

Portable Aluminum telescopic poles w/flag clips
Tailgaters pole & stand package

16' Fiberglass Telescopic Flag Pole

16' Fiberglass Telescopic Flag Pole

Flag Storage Cover
Adjustable Pole Bracket Mounting Brackets, clips, etc