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This cart does use an EZ Order "My Free Account" system.
What this means is that the first time you order - you will be asked to provide :

This will set up your own personal cart account.
Takes a little longer at first - but all future orders are a breeze with just your e-mail & password information.
It also is much easier if placing gift orders.
You can modify this account information at any time.

Please Note - We do not warehouse any credit card information or numbers
in our online database.
Your Privacy & Security is our primary concern.

Please with any comments or suggestions regarding this process.

If you want to order an item that does not have the cart running yet - or to print the form, mail or fax -
Please continue to use our "Secure Order Form".
This order form will continue to be available to any one who does not want to use the shopping cart.


Thanks Again !